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“Laura Daugherty”

“Imagination is a vital ingredient in life, but as in the story of the Little Red Hen, one’s proverbial bread can’t be earned without a lot of hard work. Writer Laura Daugherty knows the reality of applying the elbow grease necessary to pluck a gossamer ideal from the clouds of dreams and bring it slowly to life. She is finishing final edits of her first novel for young adults -- a journey that has taken about five years -- and shared a draft of the first chapter. The story about a girl trying to assert imagination and independence in a world that squelches those traits flows easily and quickly captures -- and holds -- attention.” Read full article here.

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“Gentry writing club gets pro advice”

“Middle school creative minds peppered a group of visiting local writers with questions this week at Gentry Middle School.

The group of eight writers, most of whom are editing novels or have published books, poems or essays, visited the sixth- and seventh-grade Creative Writing Club, an extracurricular group in its first year of existence.” Read full article here.