Fearless Creators

Fearless Creators celebrates the idea that by jumping into creativity as amateurs, daring to fail, we can achieve more than we ever imagined.

And now I give you......terrible (fabulous?) dance moves.

Last winter, I wrote a feature for Columbia College's Affinity magazine called FEARLESS CREATORS, where CC alumni shared their experience and struggles with their creative endeavors. (Read it here.) The idea stemmed from my lifelong fascination with creativity (anyone who's read my manuscript can attest to that), and I was interested in exploring how people push past often crushing fears and create something new.

Let's admit it: creativity is scary. We shed our proverbial skins to the world, a very subjective world, and hope people like what they see. This last bit, the *audience* bit, is tough to forget. This last bit can CRUSH creativity. Because it's hard, sometimes, to not care what other people will think of your crazy ideas. It can feel like walking naked down the street and trying our best to pretend no one is watching. (not that I've ever tried this, FYI.) Therefore, in the spirit of bravery, daring to fail, I give you terrible dance moves. Enjoy! ...... or not! :)

(A little context: I made this "music video" for my then-boyfriend for Valentine's Day, when we decided to forgo real gifts and make them instead. If you're wondering who the face in the angel is, that's him. Under the halo. Get it?)

Gillian Tracey